Granite Stone Spray Effect (Walls or Floors)

Granite Classic Stone Effect Spray Paint

Classic Stone is produced with special technology that bonds water based color particles together with water based resin. With this technology and combination, Classic Stone is an environment friendly water based coating system that takes on the appearance of natural marble and granite. This high quality product is non-toxic, odorless, weather resistant, low VOC, scratch resistant, crack resistant and waterproof. This product is an innovative, high quality coating system for internal and external walls which provides superior finishing and elevates the protective performance of your buildings.


Environment Friendly
The product is in line and meets requirements for environmental protection as it is a water base coating with low VOC.

Simple Application and Time Saving
Application can be done by spray method so it will greatly reduce construction time. Able to apply onto complex arcs, corners and curved edges.

Excellent Crack Resistance
The product is firm and smooth with a seamless finish that covers wall cracks. It is also waterproof and assist in preventing wall cracks.

Easy Maintenance
Excellent self-cleaning properties will assist in maintaining the coating and help to prevent peeling or fading of color.

Excellent Weather Resistance
The product's superior quality is extremely resistant to weather and retains color well. It is also scratch resistant, waterproof, scrub resistant and brush resistant.

Realistic Finish Replicating Natural Stone
Exceptional three dimensional finish with natural texture and color replicating natural stone with superior realism.

Exceptional Application Flexibility and Creativity
The product is able to be applied to any irregular shapes, sizes or walls. It is highly flexible as it comes in smooth and textured finish giving it the ability to assist in any design concepts and applications.

Scope of Application

Internal and external walls of high-end buildings such as hotels, residential buildings, commercial buildings villas and office buildings. Suitable to apply on most substrates such as concrete, cement, ceramic tiles, building boards, and any old or new walls. Replace or renew the aesthetics of your buildings with superior and long lasting stone finish. Applicable on hotels, shopping malls, condominiums, commercial buildings and etc.

Application Method

Surface Preparation

Substrate must be dry, solid and stable. The substrate should be clean and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, curing compounds, concrete sealers, loosely bonded toppings, and any other substance that may prevent or reduce adhesion. If the substrate contains these substances, they must be removed. All cracks and hollowness must be addressed and repaired.


Apply one layer of primer evenly with roller. After primer is dried, proceed to apply 1-2 layers of base coat. After base coat is dried, proceed to apply 1-2 layers of Classic Stone. Finally, apply top coat evenly once with roller after Classic Stone layer is completely dry.

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